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Rebecca Ireland

Rebecca Ireland is an extraordinary singer/songwriter known for her lilting dulcet melodies, vividly picturesque lyrics and unique performance. Lead by her soulful voice she invites listeners on a journey through her songs that are carefully crafted pieces of art, where her poetic phrases come to life and invoke painted pictures of memories in our minds. She is a much loved and admired member of her musical community and a revered “darling” of The Mullumbimby Folk Festival and the Bello Winter Festival.

Born with an innate love for literature, Rebecca’s words are like intricate tapestries of emotion and imagination drawing the listener into visceral pictures and memories inspired by the human condition, beauty of nature, the complexities and resilience of the human spirit and the abstract nature of reality. Her poetry has transported listeners to a world of dreams and deep feeling all around Australia including Adelaide Fringe Festival, Blues Fest, Nannup Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Bello Winter Festival and her much loved Mullumbimby Folk Festival.

What truly sets Rebecca apart is her unique groove. Her music blends elements of folk, country, and indie pop, creating a sound that is both familiar and refreshingly original. Her rhythmic sensibility and subtle use of percussive elements add a unique rhythmic sensibility to her songs and when performing solo her story telling dialogue and connection to the audience is truly enchanting

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